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NBCC in Miramichi Resting on the banks of the of the Miramichi River, the friendly community of Miramichi boasts five different NBCC buildings, offering a wide variety of applied and media arts programs, social service programs, IT and business programs, trades and engineering programs and much more…
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Need a place to live while you are here?  The following list of resources is provided to help you find the perfect place. 

We strongly advise you to examine the premises and thoroughly read any lease or rental agreement to understand your responsibilities and restrictions before making a housing decision. Be sure to obtain a copy of all documents for your own records. If the landlord does not have a copy of a typical lease, you can obtain one from the Office of the Rentalsman. The Office of the Rentalsman also provides important information and checklists for finding housing.

DISCLAIMER: NBCC is not responsible for any misrepresented, out-of-date or missing information. Housing availability and rental rates are subject to change. Please contact the landlord or contact person for verification.