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Student Aid and Scholarships

The cost associated with obtaining a post-secondary education can be a challenge for many students. That's why we've created a student awards program that provides financial support while recognizing the diversity and needs of our students and celebrating their achievements.

New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), through the NBCC Foundation and many generous donors, is pleased to offer a number of opportunities for scholarships, bursaries and awards to our students. Awards may be specific to a campus or program and have varied application criteria and deadlines.

To learn more about the awards available, contact Student Services at your campus.

NBCC Foundation Awards

The NBCC Foundation Inc. has granted over $850,000 in NBCC student bursaries since 2007.

Each year, bursaries and scholarships are available in varying amounts to students attending one of six NBCC campuses in the province.

To be eligible:

The application period commences each September for a period of approximately 4 weeks. Interested students can get more information from Student Services or at

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can use one application to apply for multiple awards. Detailed information on the application criteria and the application form can be found at  For your convenience, the application form is now direct-fillable and can be saved once completed.  Print and submit the copy by October 15th to your campus.

Notification and Disbursement

Students are notified of their award in December of the academic year and disbursements are made in January.

An award ceremony is held at each campus in early winter to recognize the accomplishments of the award recipients.

New Brunswick Public Colleges Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to Anglophone and Francophone New Brunswick high school graduate students accepted at any campus of NBCC.

Applications should be forwarded to the New Brunswick high school guidance offices no later than May 27.

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Award Questions

If you have questions regarding awards at your specific campus, contact your local Student Services Coordinator.

Additional Resources

In addition to the NBCC scholarships, awards and bursaries, you may find these resources helpful in searching for additional opportunities.


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